Success Stories: Donna

Donna came to Support Solutions after spending five years in a long-term care facility.

On admission, she was morbidly obese, weighing close to 300 pounds. When she first arrived, two Support Solutions’ nurses worked closely with Donna and her staff members to develop a plan to help her get back to a healthy lifestyle. She started with services from a dietitian and was receiving sliding scale insulin twice a day. Donna was very motivated to improve her health and she progressed constantly. With the assistance of devoted direct support professionals and a home manager, she learned how to make better choices in the grocery store. Due to a previous injury at the nursing home, Donna was also receiving physical therapy services, which led to increased ambulation. She and her staff members would walk at a walking track or in a park at least five times per week. After Donna had achieved several successes improving her health, her physician wrote an order that would provide her the opportunity to master taking her own blood sugar, which she did. Donna made so many improvements in her health that after a period of time, she no longer required insulin.

Donna lost 150 pounds.  She now takes her 1 p.m. and 8 p.m. medications with very little assistance from staff members. 

Donna is also more involved in selecting, shopping and cooking food items for herself and her house mate.