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The Support Solutions Team

Support Solutions understands that many different team members must collaborate to provide the best services for each person that we support. Our team includes dedicated Direct Support Professionals (DSPs), House Managers (HMs), Nurses, Therapists, and Behavior Analysts (BAs). Several members of the team are available in all offices. All of these professionals work together for the common goal of providing the necessary supports for each person to live their “best life.”

Direct Support Professionals (DSPs)

Dedicated and well trained support staff that specialize in helping the supported person making positive choices to improve their life. They offer support by encouraging the supported person and being available to assist them when needed.

House Managers (HMs)

Dedicated and well trained managerial staff who focus on ensuring that all the needs of the persons supported within a home are met while both at home and in the community. This person is responsible for ensuring that DSPs have all the training and materials necessary to carry out any plans for the supported persons.


Caring and dedicated registered nurses and licensed practical nurses assist in ensuring the continuity of care for all supported persons. Our nurses are available to supported persons and employees 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

Nurses provide continuity of care by reviewing consults, following up with people who are in a medical center or being discharged from the medical center, attending physician appointments, calling pharmacists, reviewing medications, ensuring successful transitions to or from Support Solutions and providing a wide variety of other services related to the health needs of the supported persons. 

Behavior Analysts

Our behavior analysts are highly trained clinical professionals with graduate degrees who have extensive experience working with adults who have developmental disabilities and related subspecialties including autism and inappropriate sexual behavior. Their job is to assess problem behaviors, write a behavior plan to address the problem behavior, train staff on the behavior plan, as well as ensure that all staff are following the plan.


Psychotherapy, also called talk therapy or counseling, is provided individually or in group settings, depending on the issue being addressed. This service typically involves talking over the specific problem to uncover misunderstandings or skill gaps. Sometimes it’s helpful to define the problem in a new way, or to re-organize priorities. Our professionals help the person to resolve emotional issues or learn new coping skills. Although this does not include medication, our psychologists work closely with our staff psychiatrist to assist.

We use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help a person change the way they think, which in turn helps them to change the way they feel. By getting rid of problematic thoughts and increasing healthy or useful thoughts, the person gets control over their emotions and is able to cope more effectively in stressful situations. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has extensive research showing that is effective and appears to be the most useful kind of therapy for the kinds of problems commonly seen. Our psychologists have doctoral degrees and are fully licensed health services professionals.

  • These professionals have extensive experience in providing psychotherapy for adults with developmental delays.
  • Our psychologists have additional experiencing in working with individuals who have inappropriate sexual behaviors, providing Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), specialized services for individuals who are struggling with their sexuality, coping with chronic or persistent mental illness and other specialized training.
  • Although the psychotherapy team is based in Memphis, we offer encrypted HIPAA-compliant video psychotherapy services to all office locations.

To contact us via phone, please call the Main Office and state the name of the person you're trying to reach.