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Now Hiring: Job Development Specialist (Jackson, Tennessee)

We are looking for a Job Development Specialist for our Jackson, Tennessee office. This position will provide supervision and coordination of employment supports and services through Support Solutions. This position will ensure the implementation of each person’s ISP goals of competitive or... Continue Reading 

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How Pressure to Be ‘Age Appropriate’ Can Harm Autistic People

 by Christine Motokane via The Mighty For some people with autism like myself, the concept of “age appropriateness” does not apply. We tend to not care about these kinds of arbitrary standards. However, many professionals and parents discourage interests that are perceived... Continue Reading 

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Mental Health Services

Our Mental Health Services

Our experience in providing quality care to individuals with chronic mental illness as well as persons with developmental disabilities, makes Support Solutions uniquely qualified to serve individuals with dual diagnosis and provide outpatient mental health services. Services are provided according to the... Continue Reading 

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