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Happy and Healthy 2014

As we look ahead to 2014 or the beginning of any New Year, we often take stock of where we’ve been and where we stand currently.  Then, many of us proceed to look ahead with our New Year’s resolutions  and plans to improve our health, our relationships, our careers, or whatever other area of our life that we want to somehow change or move in a different direction.  For some, the resolutions may be acquiring a new hobby or leisure activity or perhaps finally mastering a foreign language or reaching a new milestone in your favorite sport.

In our work at Support Solutions, we also collectively spend time reviewing prior year accomplishments, assessing the current status of programs and practices, and most importantly, planning for the year ahead. In reviewing the past year at Support Solutions, I certainly feel a sense of gratitude for all of those who make our work possible;  our outstanding team members, families, conservators, support coordinators and case managers, dedicated state professionals, community collaborators, advocates, and most critically, the people we support each and every day.

Support Solutions is privileged to support close to 500 people every day and making a difference in their lives remains our number one objective.   As we think about our organization’s resolutions and plans for 2014, I am reminded that we began just over eight years and had a goal that focused on providing supports which would help people be happy, healthy, and safe in their communities.  Today, I believe that there have been significant strides in meeting these target goals for the people we support, but I always believe that there is more work to do and more people that we can impact.

In 2014, we have a number of initiatives that will contribute to our ongoing commitment to health improvement and safety for persons supported as well as increased opportunities for meaningful days.  Included in the 2014 Strategic Plan are items related to enhanced employment and creating more day service options across our entire service area.  There are also goals focused on customer service, communication, regionalization, and training.  “Your Best Life” continues to be an important mantra for the Support Solutions’ team as we work together to maximize opportunities and assist persons in achieving full community participation.

If you’re reading this post, you may recognize that we have retooled our website and that we also are increasing communication via Facebook.  I will keep you posted on the organization’s progress in achieving these 2014 goals and look forward to hearing from you on Facebook or the web.  In the meantime, I wish all of the many friends of Support Solutions a happy, healthy, and perhaps even your best year ever in 2014.

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