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A Look Behind and a Look Ahead

As 2016 approaches, most all of us reflect a bit on the outgoing year, perhaps playing the tapes in our head of what went well and what not so well.  Of course, there is the expectancy associated with the New Year and the ever present resolutions or promises to ourselves.  As organizations, we also engage in a similar process, reflecting on the accomplishments and successes of 2015 and planning to work on strategic priorities for the coming year.

Our planning day in November provided an opportunity to highlight many organizational successes of 2015 including the three year reaccreditation by CARF and the expansion of our mental health services, particularly in the Memphis area.  The mental health initiative includes collaboration with a prominent supportive housing provider and the employment of both a psychiatrist and psychiatric nurse practitioner.  On the intellectual disability front, Support Solutions continues to be the primary provider of behavioral respite services in the state through the services offered in the Bolivar respite homes. Additionally, the agency also became only the second provider in Tennessee to operate an Intensive Behavioral Residential Services (IBRS) program.  These two homes, supporting up to 4 persons each, are located in Nashville and initial planning is underway to open an additional home in the Knoxville area.

At Support Solutions, planning is a year round effort and quarterly review cycles are associated with that effort.  The first quarter of 2016 focuses on three strategic goals:

1.       Increasing the number of supported person who are employed

2.       Developing a succession plan for all positions and responsibilities in the organization

3.       Enhancing recruitment and retention of direct support staff

I will keep you posted as to our progress on these goals and update you as we add or subtract priorities throughout the year.  Each goal has a work group which will develop measurements to track our progress and our larger planning group will determine whether to continue the goal into the next quarter or adopt new priorities.

As always, Support Solutions continues to strive to make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities and to ensure the best possible life for persons we are privileged to support.  Currently, we support around 540 people on a daily basis and that number will most certainly grow in 2016 as we consider expanding to a fifth state (Kentucky) and potentially adding a significant number of persons into waiver services in Tennessee as the Employment and Community First CHOICES waiver is launched.  It promises to be an exciting year and I wish to thank each of you for your support during 2015 and look forward to working together to assist people we support in achieving much success and happiness during the coming year.

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