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About Us Mission

Our mission is to ensure that supported persons are happy, healthy and safe in an environment where they can enjoy life to the fullest extent possible.

We operate on two foundational principles – acceptance and perseverance.


We believe that persons with a disability should have the opportunity to live life fully in an integrated community setting regardless of their history and recorded behavior or mental health issues. We’re committed to helping an individual and their family regardless of the number of hospitalizations, lengthy periods of institutionalization, law enforcement involvement or number of unsuccessful placements in the community. If a person is eligible for waiver services, Support Solutions is committed to developing the appropriate intensity of supports required.


Support Solutions is further dedicated to the principle of “not giving up” on people supported. Realizing that everyone may have various issues in their lives on either a frequent or occasional basis, all efforts will be focused on the persons’ long-term success and stability in their community home. Solutions will be developed that are positive and supportive of the person and not reliant on institutional options.