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About Us Mission

Our mission is to ensure that persons supported are happy, healthy and safe in an environment where they can enjoy life to the fullest extent possible. We operate to provide acceptance of individuals with disabilities in our community and are dedicated to the lesson of perseverance, never giving up on the people we support.


We base our operation on the two principles of Acceptance and Perseverance because they are the two pivotal points of our entire support system.


We believe that persons with a disability should have the opportunity to live life fully in an integrated community. We believe they are worthy of pursuing a life of happiness and purpose.  We’re committed to helping these individuals, and their families regardless of their past.  And if a person is eligible for waiver services, Support Solutions is committed to developing the appropriate intensity of supports required.


Support Solutions is dedicated to the principle of “not giving up” on people supported. We are guided by looking for long-term success for each individual and the stability in their community home. We will develop solutions that are positive and supportive of the person for as long as it takes to be successful.

To contact us via phone, please call the Main Office and state the name of the person you're trying to reach.