Success Stories: Julian


Julian came into the waiver services in 2010 after living with his family.

Due to variety of situations within the home, primarily a decline in his mother’s health, Julian obtained supported living services with Support Solutions in East Tennessee through DIDD. Since coming into services, Julian, with the support of his staff, has been able to become integrated into the community and gain competitive employment.

Julian lives with one other young man, who also works in the community, in a lovely apartment where he is able to enjoy the amenities and life experiences, just as any other young man his age. With our staff’s help, Julian was able to seek employment, complete the application and interview process, and then be successful at his current position at Publix.

Our team works with Julian each day to ensure he has transportation to work, supported at his employment, able to have all his needs, while also increasing all of his opportunities within his community. 

Through the services offered at Support Solutions and DIDD, many individuals like Julian have opportunities to thrive in their communities. The direct care staff work to ensure individuals are introduced to their community, but focus on integration. Through integration, individuals are supported in gaining an active role with their neighbors, co-workers and church members. Direct care staff strive to ensure the persons supported are allowed every opportunity as any other community member and strive to ensure the safety and happiness of the persons they support.