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For our North Carolina friends…

  NCSibs, North Carolina’s first ever network for adult siblings of individuals with developmental disabilities, is hosting a conference on Saturday, March 25 at the Hampton Inn & Suites Carrboro (near UNC Chapel Hill). Learn more about the upcoming conference.

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How False Stereotypes About People With Disabilities Hold Employers Back

via The Almighty There is evidence that employers fear legal action should they terminate an employee with a disability. It is far more difficult to prove discrimination for not being hired in the first place. So, given the perception that people with disabilities aren’t... Continue Reading 

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Study: Exercise May Cut Behavior Issues In Half

via Disability Scoop Researchers say there may be a simple way to reduce challenging behaviors among those with autism and similar disorders during the school day — add in some exercise. A new study looking at the impact of structured, aerobic exercise... Continue Reading 

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