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I Need Plastic Straws To Drink. I Also Want To Save The Environment.

In our efforts to advance one movement, we must take care not to harm another. Reducing our plastic footprint and accessibility for people with disabilities don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Read Robyn Powell’s take on the issue:

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Education, General awareness

Upcoming Webinar: Making INTELLIGENT LIVES

New Webinar: Making INTELLIGENT LIVES: The story behind Dan Habib’s new documentary, with clips from the film. Co-sponsored by AAIDD. Aug 9, 2018 3:00 PM CST #intelligentlives Register for this complimentary webinar at

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Employment Kudos!

For anything to run smoothly it must be based on a good foundation.  Many might not see janitorial services as a catalyst for a smooth running office environment, but folks at the DIDD Middle Tennessee Regional office (MTRO) do. The staff there have come to greatly appreciate the effort and dedication Marcell McKell and Stephen Boyd have shown to their job duties since they became employed to provide janitorial services at MTRO back in the fall of 2017.

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