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What it is like to parent a child who can never be left alone

I do not want to live like this but I have no choice. I am fully aware how damaging this level of hyper-vigilance is to my son and to myself but I am actually doing it because there really is no other way.... Continue Reading 

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Advocacy, Education

Supreme Court sets higher bar for education of students with disabilities

(via TheWashingtonPost) On Wednesday, March 22, The Supreme Court unanimously raised the bar for the educational benefits owed to millions of children with disabilities in one of the most significant special-education cases­ to reach the high court in decades. Read more:

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Employment, General awareness, News

Jobs instill independence and pride in supported individuals

Herman Cox, 57, wakes up every Saturday & Sunday with an unusual excitement for the day. He hurriedly completes his personal and household tasks and waits patiently for 9:45am. At 10 am he finally gets to leave to go to work as... Continue Reading 

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