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Dr. Larry Durbin to retire from daily Support Solutions operations

It is with mixed emotions that we announce that Dr. Larry Durbin will be retiring from his full-time role and responsibilities at Support Solutions, effective August 7, 2017. Our own Jeff Durbin will take the helm as the new Chief Executive Officer.... Continue Reading 

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Tips for Facilitating Effective Communication Between Caregivers and Individuals with IDD

Unless an individual with an IDD displays an obvious communication barrier, caregivers should never assume one exists. Even if an individual displays difficulty communicating, the type of barrier and ways to address it often varies from one person to the next. When... Continue Reading 

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Work With Us: It takes a special kind of person to work at Support Solutions. Our employees contribute to the success of our many endeavors in a way few companies can match. That is why our employees are the most valuable part... Continue Reading 

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