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5 Things We Now Know About Autism

via Johnson & Johnson Did you know that autism affects 1 in 68 children? For National Autism Awareness Month, we sat down with two leading experts on autism spectrum disorder to get the very latest facts—and dispel some misconceptions. It’s a medical... Continue Reading 

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Accessing North Carolina Waiver Services

Individuals in need of intellectual/developmental disability services may call the Smoky Mountain Center (SMC) Access Line (1-800-849-6127) and receive a telephonic screening to determine the nature of the individual’s needs and offer the individual a choice of appropriate treatment providers. Every attempt... Continue Reading 

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#WayToWork: Check out how Jared got to work on the farm!

via Tn Department of Intellectual Disabilities Farming is hard work, but Jared’s #Way2Work story shows it can also be a lot of fun! Jared works at Old School Farm as an assistant general farmworker. Jared and his coworkers work their produce all the way... Continue Reading 

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