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Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program Testimonial: Meet Renee

Despite being very unsure, quiet and nervous at the start of her first Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program (IOP) session, Renee quickly responded very well to the program, leaders and peers. Within the first 30 minutes of her session, she opened up as she expressed, “ I like it here…” “ This is fun!” and “You are so nice.”

Renee continued to willingly show up for IOP sessions. As time went on, Renee became more and more attentive, and got along great with everyone in the group. Despite her struggles to express herself, she started to thrive when the other members were patient with her while they waited for the words to come to her and sometimes even tried to help her to express her thoughts. Over time, she opened up even more and was very engaged, even once sharing some of the painful things she has experienced in her life. She felt safe to share with the group and show emotional vulnerability.

Renee’s Home Manger, Susan, reports that she continues to do very well.  Susan agrees that Renee is an IOP success story, as communication with Renee has improved dramatically. For instance, she used to not express her needs, wants, or dislikes because she thought that it was not allowed or that staff would become upset with her. But since completing the IOP program, she has learned to be bold and assert her needs, dislikes and feelings in an appropriate way. This improved communication has helped the staff identify what frustrates her or confuses her about completing tasks. As a result, our staff has made adjustments like giving her options or suggestions, as opposed to directives.

Renee has also learned to refocus her thoughts to feel better. For instance, prior to IOP when she did not hear from her brother, Thomas, she would become depressed due to focusing on negative thoughts. But now, she refocuses and thinks about the people who want to spend time with her.

When asked how IOP helped her, Renee said, “It helped improve my life and made me more happy.”

It was a joy to see Renee grow from week to week and to see her excitement at her IOP graduation in September. Today Renee continues to care for her mental needs through individual therapy.

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